Saints Row Powertools

'Powertools (rev 5) may crash the game when its main window loses focus while in full-screen mode. This bug is being hunted down and will be slaughtered soon. Maybe.

WTF is this?

Saints Row Powertools ('Powertools for short) is a growing collection of extra features all bundled into a neat little .dll, brought to you by IdolNinja and Rafael. Simply throw some files into your game directory, read the readme, connect some wires, and you'll be on your way to shocking hookers with resuscitation paddles wearing a hotdog suit at the game's intended speed in no time.

Powertools currently runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Powertools currently adds the following features:

  • Lua debug_print() outputs straight to the motha f!@#$*# screen.
  • Player positioning information: No more guessing where to put that light cone.
  • Enhanced speed hack support (handles cutscenes just fine, take that CheatEngine)
Some wishlist (and perhaps upcoming) features:
  • Windows XP support (you old bastards).
  • More usable console, perhaps?
  • Free-moving camera
  • Your feature here!


revision 5 (released 04/23/2010 - requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) and the latest DirectX End-User Runtime)
Source code (requires Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Detours Express 2.1 and the DirectX SDK).

Having problems with Powertools? Get help on Saints Row Mods in the Get Help/Troubleshooting forum for Saints Row 2.

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